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Full day Pamukkale tour

Pamukkale was formed by calcium-filled springs pouring down a mountainside, its glacier-white ridges and pools look like something from the Arctic. You'll have time to relax as well as to explore nearby Hierapolis. This Roman city was constructed around the original springs and features an impressive amphitheatre. Pamukkale and Hierapolis combined are a Unesco World Heritage Site. Pamukkale, which in English means ‘cotton castle’, is a series of cascading calcium terraces formed as a result of thermal springs. It’s a series of mountainside terraces where natural springs have solidified into snowy-white stalactites and cliffs. The effect is strangely beautiful - a winter-like wonderland of petrified tiers and pools. You’ll start at the ice-white terraces, snapping photos of the surreal landscape. There are just a handful of these in the planet and they have to be seen to be believed. The contrast with the surrounding landscape is particularly stark. Up the hill, at Hierapolis, there is a well-preserved Roman theatre and ancient thermal baths, which have been restored and converted into an archaeological museum. Other significant sites include the Temple of Apollo, the Necropolis and the Nymphaeum. Feast your eyes upon the natural phenomenon of the cascading calcium pools at Pamukkale and visit the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Hierapolis. A thermal spa resort built up around them in classical times and to this day there are still hot springs drawing thousands every year. Flights or coach from Istanbul, lunch and entrance fees are all included on this full-day tour. Meeting point: Hotel pick-up from 6am and drop off about 8pm. To go to thermal pool there is additional charge. You should have comfortable shoes, money, cameras, towel, cap and in April, May and October, take a cardigan and sweatshirt.