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O by Cirque du Soleil

The Cirque du Soleil challenges you to dig up forgotten passions! Immerse yourself into the dreamlike aquatic world of O performed at the Bellagio.


*Breathtaking scenery and artistry

*Incredible jugglers and acrobats

*Gravity defying performances!

Be transported to another world at O at the Bellagio in what is one of Cirque du Soleil’s most enrapturing spectacles. O will hypnotise you and leave you perched on the edge of your seat as it weaves an aquatic tapestry of artistry, surrealism and theatrical romance. This timeless production effortlessly brings together many different spectacle traits that you would think could never marry. Take a deep breath and dive into the watery wonders of O.

Take a deep breath and disconnect for a moment from the frenzy of Vegas as you are immersed in a dreamlike aquatic world in which beguiling acrobats, synchronised swimmers and divers will take you to another dimension of entertainment. Watch as Philemon, Le Travesti, The Masked Thief and The Zebras among others weave a masterpiece of surrealism and theatrical romance. Exclusively performed at the Bellagio, next to the Eiffel Tower, the show is staged in what is easily one of the most beautiful theatres in Vegas, with a stunning interior that evokes a European opera house.

The combination of the thrilling acrobatics with the water performances is a truly unparalleled experience that has been hailed by many as one of Cirque du Soleil’s most astounding production – and that is saying something! Be enthralled by the splashes, be electrified by the summersaults and catch your breath during the acrobatic acts that, defying all rules of physics, seem to float through the air with just the same ease as the swimmers glide through the waters below them. Immerse yourself in the shadowy underwater world of O™, one of the shows that best defines the nature of the Cirque du Soleil.

Feel the full force and the immense atmosphere of the show and its venue, the Bellagio Theatre.

Category B: includes seats at the sides of the stalls and seats in the upper tier.

Category C: includes seats at the sides of the upper tier and seats in the box suites.

Category D: includes seats on the balcony. Meeting/pick-up point: Tickets are available for pickup at the O box office at the Bellagio, at the latest 1 hour before the show begins. Box office opens Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 10.30pm, and Monday to Tuesday from 10am to 6pm.

Start/opening time: Wednesday and Sunday shows, at 7pm and 9.30pm. December 31st shows at 4:00pm and 6:30pm.

Others: Your seat number will be allocated to you upon booking. In the rare event that the date or time confirmed is not available, the closest alternative will be offered or full refund. Self and valet parking fees apply. Please note fees are subject to change and parking is subject to availability. Lost self-parking tickets may be charged a fine.