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Come and meet the denizens of the deep at Oceanografic in the City of Arts and Sciences. Explore all the world’s major seas and oceans, with each building dedicated to a different maritime environment. Marvel at the majesty of the Mediterranean. Wander through the wild Wetlands. Travel through the Temperate and Tropical Seas. Admire the awesome Antarctic and Arctic Oceans. Revel in the Red Sea and discover the delights of the Dolphinarium. The Oceanografic is Europe’s largest marine centre, with more than 45,000 creatures from 500 different species, including beluga whales, jellyfish penguins, sea lions, seals, sharks, rays, starfish, walruses and many, many more. You will also see many wetland bird species, including those that inhabit the amazing Albufera Natural Park in Valencia. Through its concept and design, its spectacular size and sheer number of species, Oceanografic has become a reference point among aquariums worldwide. Themed exhibits provide a fascinating vision of marine ecosystems and their rich biodiversity, allowing you to feel almost submerged underwater as you embark upon a journey in search of the secrets of the ocean. Continue your journey at the underwater restaurant, where you can watch thousands of fish swim around you as relax. The largest marine park in Europe invites you to explore the wonders of the deep and meet some of the 45,000 residents of Oceanografic. Come and play with our friendly dolphins at the Dolphinarium. Discover the different buildings dedicated to all of the planet’s major marine habitats, from the chilly Arctic to the warm Mediterranean, where you can admire penguins, sea lions, seals, sharks, walruses and more. And from July 17 to August 31, there are special night-time shows from 8pm to midnight. Start/opening time: at 10am.

End/closing time: Low season: 7pm. Medium season: 8pm. High season: Midnight.

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