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Private Ephesus Uncovered

Second in size only to Rome in antiquity, Ephesus is a treasure trove of ruins that include one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the last home of the Virgin Mary. This full-day tour will allow you to explore this vast outdoor museum that has been at the crossroads of history for thousands of years. Ephesus is in the south west of Turkey and to reach it you can choose either an early morning flight to Izmir or a coach journey to Kusadasi the night before. At Ephesus, which was a major city in ancient Greece and rose to even greater prominence during Roman times, we will stroll along the Marble Street, the Odeon theatre – where crowds of 25,000 would gather in classical times – the Bouleuterion, the Temple of Hadrian and Serapis, the Agoras, the Library of Celsus, the Great Theatre – believed to have been the largest in the ancient world - the Double Church, the Arcadian Way, the Gate of Magnesia, the brothel and much more. Round the morning off with a visit to a ceramic art exhibition. We’ll take a break for a buffet lunch at Selcuk, the city closest to these ancient sites. Then we’ll visit Mount Koressos to see the house that is believed to have been the last home of Our Lady. It is now a shrine and there is also a wishing wall where the faithful and the not-so-faithful leave requests. Visit the museum and learn about how the Virgin came to spend her last days here. Travel back thousands of years to a time of myths, legends, gods, philosophers, centurions and gladiators – and to the beginning of Christianity. This full day tour will take you to Ephesus, site of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and where the Virgin Mary spent her last days on Earth. You can either fly to Izmir or take a coach to Kusadasi, from where we’ll head out to explore these fascinating sites. Flights or coach, entrance fees and lunch are included. Meeting point: Collection from your hotel at about 8.30am, with return from about 4pm. Other information: Customers who are less mobile may not be able to visit Ephesus. Bring a towel, cap and take a cardigan and sweatshirt during April, May and October.