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Pingxi Town today is probably equally best-known for a romantic movie You are the Apple of My Eye and sky lanterns and Taiwanese Niagara Waterfall. However, thanks to the movie, many Taiwanese people has come to Pingxi the old town hoping to bring their good old times back. As for the visitors from abroad, the town is extraordinarily special with its cozy atmosphere and early culture of Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Northeast coastline is full of beautiful rocky shores, shallow sandy beaches with algae, sea cucumbers, seashells, hermit crabs, and more coastal wildlife than you can shake a stick at. Rock climbing and fishing are two extremely popular activities to undertake on Taiwan’s Northeast coastline, and our tours of the coast cater specifically to those outdoor adventure loving types whose idea of a great day involved both rock climbing and photographing beautiful seascapes.

Back to the Old Times -The Pingxi Railway was originally built to transport coal. Now it is used for tourists to experience the life that Pingxi's miners previously led. Enjoy a relaxing ride back through history, and soak up the early culture of Taiwan clearly on display here.

Let's Make a wish - Make a wish, write it on the lantern and let it fly. The sky lantern festival has long been used for people to pray for their wishes. During the Lantern Festival, around February and March each year, lanterns cover the entire sky of Pingxi. If you're an artist, writer, or photographer, we highly recommend you see this festival for yourself.

Taiwanese Niagara Falls - Shifen has the best waterfall in Northern Taiwan, sometimes referred to as ""Taiwanese Niagara Falls"". Want to decide whether or not the name is justified for yourself? Come on down to Pingxi and check it out for yourself!

Points of interest/ itinerary:

Bitou Cape Trail & Nanya Rocky Shore

Visit an old town of railway

Shifen Waterfall

Make a wish with Lantern

Miner's story You might not have been a fan of geology back in high school, but we’re willing to bet that your high school geology class didn’t have access to the wide variety of jaw-dropping natural landscapes that Taiwan has to offer. Take a trip up Taiwan’s northeastern coast and take in all the beauty and majesty your high school geology textbooks talked about in person. Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.

Duration: Nine hours.

Start/opening time: At 9am.

Languages: English.