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Toledo full day tour

Step back in time with this full day guided visit to the walled city of Toledo. This living museum just south of Madrid has one of the best preserved historic cores in the world. Wander through immaculately preserved medieval streets dominated by a stunning Gothic cathedral and the legendary Alcazar overlooking the River Tagus. Toledo’s setting is a draw in itself. Located on a steep bend in the river, it is surrounded on three sides by water, creating a natural moat. The city’s location and defensive facilities saw it become the capital of Spain twice, bequeathing such a cultural and architectural legacy that it is a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is also known as the City of Three Cultures because Christians, Muslims and Jews lived together. As we stroll through the city, you will see buildings from almost all periods of Spanish history: Moorish, Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance, Habsburg and Baroque. You will visit the cathedral, which is one of the outstanding examples of Spanish Gothic style. The vaulted nave is awe-inspiring while the elaborate rentable is a work of true beauty. Admire the numerous works of art such as frescoes, stained glass, altarpieces, paintings by El Greco and much, much more. We’ll also visit the Army Museum and the Library of Castile and La Mancha. On Mondays, we visit the Mosque of Christ of the Light. At Toledo, which was the capital of the Spanish Empire before Madrid, a guided tour will take you through the immaculately preserved medieval streets of the Unesco World Heritage Site old town. Surrounded by ancient walls, the city boasts a stunning Gothic cathedral that is considered the finest in Spain. Toledo is also famous for its damascening decorative designs. Meeting/pick-up point: San Nicolás, 15. Duration: Eight hours. Start/opening time: 9am. End/closing time: 5pm. Languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian.