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Turkish Bath

Relax into your holiday and kick-start your tan with a Turkish bath or hammam. Hammams have existed in Turkey since ancient times, providing locals with a way to relax, freshen up and catch up with gossip all at the same time. They are also brilliant for exfoliating your skin so you are more likely to develop a lasting tan. Everything starts when we take you to one of the best local hammams. Here, you will change into your swimwear in a cubicle and wrap up in a towel. Then it is off to the hammam itself - a humid, marble-tiled room with a ”gobektasi”, or heated stone slab, in the centre. Relax as the heat softens your skin, opens your pores and gets you sweating out those toxins. Next, you will lie on the gobektasi, where you will be treated to a body scrub followed by a head-to-toe massage in soft, soapy bubbles. Then there will be plenty of time to rinse off and cool down before returning back to your hotel feeling tingling and refreshed. This exclusive hammam experience includes a 20 minute oil massage. This half-day excursion includes hotel pick up and drop off, all transfers, sauna, hammam, peeling, soap, and soap massage. Guests with skin disorders should inform the excursion department. Pregnant women and asthmatics should seek medical advice beforehand. Please note that the hammam has mixed (male/female) and separate sections. You should not bring valuables with you. Want to try something totally Turkish? Then why not try a traditional Turkish bath and massage?This is a serious steam clean for your body that’ll leave your skin feeling fresh and primed for a lasting tan. Don your swimwear and wrap up in a towel ready for the steam room. The warm steam softens and detoxifies your skin before you stretch out on a stone slab for your body scrub.. You’ll be treated to a massage in soft, soapy bubbles and have time to rinse off and cool down before returning back. Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up from hotels. Duration: Half day. Start/opening time: Available in the morning and in the afternoon.